Mixing Hybrid Cloud with IT Services in London

The two types of distinct clouds offered by IT services providers in London are public and private clouds. A third option is a hybrid cloud, which combines elements of both types. Here are ways that a skillful IT team can help elevate your company with a hybrid cloud.

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Public and Private Clouds

The main difference between public and private clouds is that public involves an off-site third party data centre, whereas a private cloud is a local closed intranet system. While public clouds often provide free to low cost cloud service subscriptions or unlimited storage, they do not ensure complete privacy of your data. Despite company policies, for example, a third party data centre employee may have access to your confidential data.

Private clouds are usually considered more secure than public clouds in the sense the business has control of its data flow. Like public clouds, private clouds allow for remote work by employees and online collaboration around the clock, opening the door to workplace flexibility. Either system involves creating individual accounts with logins and passwords. The most secure clouds use encryption as an additional security layer.

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The best way that IT services experts in London can prevent data leaks is to set up a private cloud for all confidential data and then connect with a public cloud for storing less sensitive files. Public clouds such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft's Azure give a business plenty of options to build a powerful infrastructure for applications and other digital assets. Most modern data centres use virtual servers as a solution to allow for easy scalability and unlimited web space.

Working Within a Management Platform

An IT service provider can manage your separate clouds within a central system that allows you to view your entire infrastructure. There are various software applications to choose from that simplify management by providing essential controls for all of your departments on one dashboard.

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The concept of virtualisation plays a significant role in this century's management software, as it allows you to place various different operating systems on one physical server. A major benefit of using virtual servers is that they allow you to save office space on what used to require plenty more square footage. Virtualisation cuts energy and hardware costs.


By choosing the right IT services in London and a robust data protection plan, you can get past the technological speed bumps that hold many small businesses back. Visit Wem Technology to learn more about hybrid cloud computing and gaining access to valuable IT resources.