Why Should You Move from Technology On-Premises to the Cloud?

Keeping your technology on-premises may seem like the easy and cheap option. After all, you have already bought the hardware and everything is mostly running as it should. Why change the status quo?

That may be true, but actually, it could be costing you a great deal more to run than you think and that doesn’t even take into account the extra costs incurred if anything goes wrong. Maybe you should consider what extra benefits the cloud can give you?

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You have already spent a considerable amount of money buying your technology on-premises, but unfortunately, it will eventually become obsolete--- probably sooner than you would like. In the meantime, it will cost you money to run and even more if it breaks down.

The cloud allows you to budget for a set amount each month, and with that, you will get the latest equipment with no impact on your infrastructure if there are any breakdown issues. It is also perfectly scalable so that if you have different requirements at different times of the year you can alter how much you use. This means that you will only ever pay for what you need and you aren’t wasting money on extra space that only gets used occasionally.

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When you transfer all your processing and resources to the cloud, you can take advantage of all the collaborative tools that come with it. This will allow your employees to work more closely together even if they are based in different time zones and continents. The advantage of sharing documents and easier communication is a more productive workforce which will lead to better results.


In order to keep your information secure, you need to protect it with all manner of things including encryption, antivirus software, and firewalls. The timely application of software fixes and patches is also important and this can take your employees away from their normal jobs resulting in a loss of productivity.

With the increased security utilised by the cloud providers and the fact that they generally run full redundancy on all systems, your infrastructure is less likely to suffer from cyber threats and will always be available even if the worst does happen. The sad fact is, employees are generally the weakest link when it comes to cyberattacks, but with the up-to-date security available on the cloud, this can be managed more successfully.

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