Why You Need Cloud Services in London for Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Business IT disasters are very often unavoidable. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be anything from a hurricane to a broken piece of hardware to a user error. There are measures you can take to minimise the chances of a business disaster including upgrading your cybersecurity, training your employees, and updating your hardware and software. In the unfortunate event that you still experience a business disaster, either man-made or otherwise, how you respond could mean the difference between keeping your business alive and closing shop. These days, many businesses are looking at disaster recovery assistance from cloud services providers in London.

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The Impact of a Business Disaster

Depending on your industry and the setup of your business, your IT systems probably facilitate a majority of your operations. If you should face a business disaster that you aren’t ready to respond to, there can be a wide range of consequences, some more serious than others. Being unprepared costs you time and money. Downtime is detrimental to how you serve your customers. Lost data can also disrupt much of your business, affect your business relationships, and cost you heavily in legal fees if the information is very sensitive. Additionally, compliance regulations require businesses to plan for IT disasters.

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Creating a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning allows you to recover what you have lost in a timely manner. It also helps you to stay operational as you address the issues. Hardware-dependent methods and legacy-based plans for disaster recovery have a number of drawbacks; they are costly and take a lot of time to put in place. They are not easily upgraded and updated, and this may impact the robustness of your recovery measures.

Cloud-based measures are advantageous in that they allow you to test, upgrade, and quickly deploy your disaster recovery and business continuity measures. We can give you advanced cloud services for your London business. We offer a range of cloud-based solutions to prepare you for unforeseen situations. These include local and cloud hybrid backup, backup for Office 365, and site recovery. If you haven’t yet migrated to the cloud, we can also help you do that.

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Preparing for all eventualities can save you time, money, and business. Make sure your disaster recovery and business continuity plans are current and effective. At Wem Technology, we offer a full complement of cloud services in London. You can visit our website at https://wem.technology/ to know our services and how we can help your business.