Every Company with a Data Network Needs Firewall Protection that Won't Slow Down your Network

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Staff expect to be able to access your network wherever they are, on whichever device they choose and at the ever increasing speeds of broadband and network connections. Your firewall can no longer be seen as just a simple barrier to your network – it needs to evolve into an intelligent, secure gateway that works at increasing speeds and sophistication. Reducing your firewall bottlenecks and network risks will help increase staff productivity. Achieve deep threat prevention with advanced anti-malware, Intrusion Prevention and high-speed SSL inspection.

Security systems need to keep unauthorised users, devices and content off your network. Any malicious traffic detected should alert security managers to the suspect activity. Then identify and authenticate users to control access to web content, thus preventing unauthorised or dangerous web sites.

Protect Against Legal Liability and Security Risks.

The opportunity to connect to Web sites that contain objectionable or even illegal content can leave your organisation vulnerable to legal liability and unwanted security risks. Additionally, the use of instant messaging (IM) and peer-to peer (P2P) applications compete for employees’ time and can result in a significant loss of productivity. Our content filtering solutions provide powerful and easy-to-use protection and control. They cover application blocking and malware protection through to enforcement of your Acceptable Use Policy by denying access to unauthorised websites.

Integrated Protection.

For your peace of mind and to enable your users to carry out their jobs safely. We have partnered with and obtained accreditations from many major security solution providers enabling us to offer market-leading and integrated security solutions that cover:

• Firewalls

• Unified Threat Management

• Content Filtering

• Anti-virus

• Application Control

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