Network Security Best Practices from our IT Support Team in London

Network security is important for companies in order to protect their network and data--- to carry it out effectively may require the input of an experienced IT support company in London. In order to make sure that your systems are free from threats via both hardware and software, there needs to be excellent policy documentation in place that is strictly enforced and audited frequently.

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Policy Documentation

A thorough network security plan includes documentation that lays out the rules and procedures for the use of all tools and applications that may interact with a company’s systems. It should also include any regulations or standards that the specific industry requires, and list how to attain and maintain compliance with these.


There is no point having excellent documentation if the day-to-day working practices of your employees don’t match the rules laid out in the policy documents. It is important to consider the CIA characteristics of your system, namely, confidentiality, integrity, and availability. IT support firms in London can assist if you are not sure you are adequately protecting and maintaining all three of these, as they are essential to the security of your IT.

Your data must be kept confidential and secure from cyber threats. If any changes are to be made to either software or hardware, the alterations should be monitored to ensure the continued integrity of your systems. Finally, authorised users should have continued access without loss of availability as much as possible.

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The way these characteristics are maintained begins with the security of your system from the outside world, namely a firewall and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). Your firewalls need to be effective and you should have a range of protection such as access control, encryption, and virus and malware detection.

Audit Practices

In order to make sure that the policy documentation is being followed correctly and your company’s IT systems and data are being kept safe, you may need the help of a managed IT services provider in London. Both internal and external audits can be useful to check back on the way employees are using your systems to make sure that they are following the enforcement directives. It can also be useful because working practices change as companies evolve, a timely audit can recommend alterations so that compliance is still achieved and security is maintained.

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If you are worried that your network security is not thorough enough, you should get in touch with an IT support company in London like Wem Technology to shore up the gaps. Contact us today as we can recommend solutions that could improve your protection and keep your infrastructure safe from cybercrime.