A New Forensic Approach Is Necessary for Effective Dark Web Scanning and Policing

Crime has evolved (or should we say devolved) to nefarious actions taken on the dark web. The worst part about the dark web is the actors who use this technology for illegal purposes are completely anonymous. The question begs: how are the authorities supposed to nab dark web criminals when this platform is completely anonymous? A new forensic approach is necessary in addition to dark web scanning and other protective measures.

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The Two Webs Every Business Owner Should Know About

The web should be thought of as two distinct entities: the visible web most of us use on a daily basis and the invisible web. The visible portion of the web is comprised of websites indexed by Google and other search engines. However, the vast majority of the web is invisible. This unseen web mandates unique protocols for access without the use of keywords. The invisible web is only accessible to those in-the-know. Most people are shocked to learn the dark web has significantly more traffic than the “normal” web. The fact that dark web use is anonymous is concerning as it is rife will malicious actors partaking in illegal activities.

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All it takes to access the dark web is TOR or I2p. These acronyms stand for The Onion Router and the Invisible Internet Project, respectively. Such systems conceal the point of origin of online traffic. This feat is accomplished through the encryption of online traffic and the subsequent “bouncing” of such traffic off randomly selected computers. Layers of encryption are taken away and replaced as traffic shifts from one computer to another. This is precisely why dark web scanning and the ongoing support of IT support experts in London are necessary to prevent the illegal sale of your company's data on the dark web.

The Challenge of Combating Dark Web Criminals

Authorities struggle to identify the points of origin for dark web traffic. Jurisdictional distinctions compound the challenge of bringing dark web criminals to justice. Furthermore, dark web miscreants typically rely on bitcoin or other alternate digital currencies to compensate one another for malicious acts. Such digital currencies are exchanged outside of the purview of the traditional banking system. Authorities cannot track the flow of bitcoin compensation as they can with traditional criminals who exchange conventional forms of currency offline.

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Forensic Investigative Procedures Must Change

Investigative authorities in the United States and abroad are working to modify their forensic investigative procedures. A number of breakthrough computer forensics methods are being developed with each passing day. Each of these techniques is designed to combat crimes that take place on the dark web and other veiled virtual realms. In fact, the Interpol Cyber Research Laboratory was created with the sole purpose of training police officers in the latest forensic approaches to track and solve dark web crimes.


It is clear the dark web presents its own unique challenges and concerns. There is no shame in asking for help with dark web matters as well as other digital security concerns. Take advantage of our dark web scanning solution to preserve the integrity of your systems and data.