Insight into password theft and security

By Bill Jest | May 24, 2019

Our very own Vin Jauhal was recently invited to talk about Cyber Security as part of West London Business’s Crime briefings, alongside the Metropolitan Police. In his speech, Jauhal gave businesses from across West London an insight into password theft and security, as well as the value of those digital credentials on the Dark Web. … Read more

Uber comes clean after taking users for a ride over data breach

By Bill Jest | December 20, 2017

App-based cab firm Uber has admitted paying $10,000 (£75,500) to cover up a data breach that impacted 2.7 million of its UK users. The company’s database was hacked in 2016, with cybercriminals obtaining access to 57 million names, email addresses and mobile numbers from account holders around the world. Uber was then served a ransom … Read more

Hacker accesses prison data to (almost) break someone out

By Bill Jest | December 20, 2017

One enterprising scammer has used phishing techniques not to try and get rich quick, but secure a prisoner’s early release. Konrad Voits from Michigan, USA, masterminded an elaborate scheme to try and get a prisoner at Washtenaw County out of jail long before they were due for release. He began by creating a duplicate county … Read more

What do Bitcoins, Royal Weddings and Exit Polls have in common?

By Bill Jest | December 20, 2017

Google has revealed its top searches of 2017, in what is always a clear indication as to the trends and topics that caught public attention over the past 12 months. It seems trying to get rich quick (or at least work out what all the hype is) was a major trend for 2017, with Bitcoin … Read more

Android reaches the 10-year milestone

By Bill Jest | November 28, 2017

One of Google’s most successful products, the Android operating system, turned a decade old on 5 November 2017. During this time, Android surpassed even Google’s high expectations and has gone on to become the most popular operating system on the planet. In fact, Android didn’t just beat Google’s aspirations – it obliterated them. “We hope thousands of … Read more

Beware of Hurricane Harvey charity scams

By Bill Jest | October 4, 2017

Online scammers are exploiting the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters to try and make themselves some quick cash. In times of huge crisis, people from around the world donate money to help the worst affected. However, this also brings out the crooks, who prey on people’s generosity for their own ends. This … Read more

Brexit talks to consider free movement of data

By Bill Jest | October 4, 2017

It’s not just movement of people under the Brexit microscope, but also the movement of data. This is the result of a new government paper which says the UK will seek new arrangements with the EU to allow information to flow freely between the UK and Europe post-Brexit. British businesses, individuals and law enforcement agencies … Read more

Mac attack could have been going on for years

By Bill Jest | September 5, 2017

Apple Mac devices may have been unwittingly harbouring malware for years, without it ever being detected by antivirus software. An ex-NSA hacker has discovered a mysterious piece of software on Mac devices that he described as “unique” and “intriguing”. It’s thought the malware is a strain of ‘FruitFly’, which has been infecting systems for nearly … Read more

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