Is Office 365 Migration in London Right for Your Business?

As many more companies are considering the cloud for their businesses instead of having technical equipment in-house, you might have noticed the buzz around Office 365 migration in London. It might seem like all your competitors are moving over to it, but is it the right course of action for your business?

Even though there are many advantages to using the cloud for your email and office systems, you have to be wary of the downsides as well.

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One of the major benefits of an Office 365 migration in London is the ability of your staff to work when and where they want. With many employees now able to work from home, use their own devices and spend time visiting clients, Office 365 allows them to keep in contact wherever they are. To add to this, the collaboration and communication tools included within this suite of programs can revolutionise the way your project teams work.

There is always one system of record that everyone can update, leaving no concern as to where the latest versions of documents can be found. Additionally, team members can communicate with each other easily even if they are separated by distance or time zones. The only downside here is that everyone needs to have a solid internet connection, so a patchy or slow one may hamper progress.


It goes without saying that Microsoft has ensured that security is excellent within the Office programs, with mail encryption, data protection, and mobile device management.

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It is very easy to budget for Office 365 as you will be paying a monthly or yearly subscription as opposed to having an initial lump sum to find. The different plans that Microsoft provide can be used to find the optimal set of tools that your staff need without you needing to pay over the odds for items you may not use.

The subscription also includes updates and improvements made to Office 365 that will automatically be applied, so you know you will always be using the latest and best versions. The downside to this is that there may be a small learning curve each time improvements are made, but generally, these should be small in comparison to the overall benefits that Office 365 will afford you.

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If you would like to consider an Office 365 migration in London, you should speak to one of the experienced London IT companies such as Wem Technology. We have carried out many successful Office 365 migrations and we can advise you on whether it would be of benefit to your company. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.