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On-Premise Servers


Increase the performance of your applications and data while solving your most important business and IT challenges.

Do more with less Consolidate applications onto fewer servers at your site to save on hardware costs and get more from your investment in IT. Virtualisation is built into Windows Server.
Protect your business Know that when an unexpected event or natural disaster results in downtime, your data is safe, and you can get your business back up and running in minutes.
Reduce storage costs Give users exactly as much storage as they need, when they need it, and scale storage up and down quickly.
Increase compute on demand Give the applications the resources they need as and when they are needed.
Advantages of the latest on-premise servers • low latency rates • easily managed virtualisation • high levels of security
Empower your teams Allow your users and departments to ‘spin up’ servers and software as they are needed.
Grow your business
Businesses like yours need to make the most of every competitive advantage, and the right technology can make all the difference. With end of support for older versions of Windows Server, now is the time to upgrade to ensure continuous security, compatibility, and performance.

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