Our IT Services Team in London Highlights the Top Digital Security Threats

It was not long ago when the typical hack was performed by a lone wolf or a group of tech miscreants working late into the night to pinpoint “public-facing” IPs. Nowadays, digital hacks occur in all different forms by an array of criminals located throughout the world. Below, our IT services team in London touches on the top IT security threats of 2019.

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Corporate Spying/Intellectual Property Theft

Corporate espionage is more commonplace than most business owners assume. Hackers view successful companies as targets to exploit for intellectual property that can be sold in the black market. Everything from product ideas to patents, financial information, business plans and beyond has considerable value. Something as simple as eavesdropping on emails can result in pilfered intellectual property.

Cyber Crime Groups

The most damaging hacks are those performed by groups. In fact, some cybercrime syndicates are professional. The last thing your business needs is for a cybercrime syndicate to launch an attack that renders your network and computers inoperable. These groups conduct raids, ransomware attacks and even use botnets to wreak havoc. Our IT services team in London can help you implement the defences necessary to prevent cybercrime groups from compromising your company's digital security.

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Botnets are now used by their creators as well as those paying to rent them. This technology has the potential to exploit upwards of tens of thousands of machines to generate a nasty botnet that functions as the creator desires. Botnets connect with command and control servers to receive updated instructions. These instructions result in the use of a ransomware program that will hold your company's network/computers hostage until the ransom is paid. Sadly, botnets are quite affordable, so they will continue to be a legitimate threat in the years ahead.


Rewind time a decade or so and it was solo programmers who made malware for their own personal use or to sell on the black market. Today, entire companies and teams are writing malware to get around security defences and target specific businesses. Such malware is sold on the black market by way of online forums.

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Modern-day cybercriminals typically try to stay unnoticed. However, the ever-growing number of hacktivists are more than willing to embrace the spotlight. These online activists attack businesses in retaliation for supposed injustices. Hacktivist groups communicate with one another through web forums to share hacking tools, techniques, and targets.

If you are concerned about your cybersecurity, Wem Technology can help. Our IT services team in London can tackle your digital security challenges. If you have any digital security questions, needs or concerns, reach out to us for assistance.