Our London IT Consulting Team Can Help You Understand and Prevent Cryptojacking Attack

Cyrptojacking is making waves in the cybersecurity community for good reason: this web-based hacking mines digital currencies used on unauthorised devices. What makes cryptojacking so unique is the fact that the attacks are concealed so victims might not notice their devices have been compromised. Hackers place their script on multiple devices as mining mandates considerable processing power. This is precisely why it is in your interest to obtain assistance from our London IT consulting team. Let's take a closer look at this unique form of attack and provide some security tips to stop it from causing problems at your office.

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The Basics of Cryptojacking

Email is one of the primary points of entry for hackers. Evildoers often resort to email phishing techniques to fool people into clicking a seemingly legitimate link. Such emails are transmitted from certain professionals or groups most likely to trick the victim into clicking the link for a supposed action. When this link is clicked, the hacker's mining code downloads the script that runs on the victim's computer without his or her knowledge. It is also possible for cryptojacking to occur by way of internet browser mining. Hackers put their script in a display ad or on a website. The victims visit such pages or click the online ads. The script then executes onto the device in question. The hacker's code connects to the server and wreaks havoc in the background.

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Lines of Defence

Every employee should be aware of the threat of cryptojacking. Make sure your team is on the lookout for a high rate of overheating, rapid battery draining, processor usage at an elevated rate, slow computer responses and loud noises emanating from devices. These are all signs of a cryptojacking event.

In terms of prevention, it will help to have the assistance of our London IT consulting team. We will check your browser extensions, update those extensions, monitor your network traffic and help you select the best digital safeguards. Our managed IT services group in London can also provide your team with cyber awareness training. This training will heighten your team's awareness of digital threats including cryptojacking, ransomware and beyond. If you have the will to prevent a cryptojacking attack, our tech gurus will provide the way.

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Cryptojacking is certainly a threat, yet those who prepare accordingly will have the proper defences in place. At Wem Technology, our London IT consulting team can help you implement these preparations. Reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about cryptojacking or any other tech challenges.