Is Outsourcing IT Support in London Really Good for Your Business?

Outsourcing might sound like something only big businesses can afford to use. Furthermore, many small businesses suffer from an inability to delegate work and functions. They might feel uncomfortable ‘giving up control’ of parts of their businesses. Especially with something like IT, which can be a mystery to some small and medium-sized business operators, the tendency can be to want to keep everything in-house. When it comes to IT support in London, however, SMEs could be missing a big trick by avoiding outsourcing with a managed service provider (MSP).

Even if your business is based on technology, you could find that letting an outsourced provider of IT handle your organisation’s system needs is a big benefit. You can focus on the core competencies of your business while a managed IT services provider focuses on the competencies of your business, providing the IT systems you need. Here are some of the benefits:

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Enterprise-Scale IT

No matter how small your organisation is, a managed IT services provider will give you access to enterprise-scale IT. That means your business can enjoy the power, resilience, security, flexibility, and scalability of IT systems that previously only major corporations could afford.

24/7 Support

With outsourced IT support in London, your SME can enjoy 24/7 support for your IT, without the financial burden it would place on your business if you had to hire the support engineers to provide that cover in-house.

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The services you outsource to an external provider will be delivered using systems that are subject to continuous patching and upgrades, as needed to maintain secure, stable services. This can be an expensive headache in terms of time, money, and management if you have to do this yourself.

Systems Stability

If your office loses power, your systems will still be running on your MSPs resources. There’s no need to worry about downtime caused by local fluctuations in power supply or disaster. This brings us to…

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Your MSP can ensure that your systems will be available and your staff can access them from alternative locations if your own premises are unavailable. At the same time, the systems are being backed up off-site. You can even use your MSP to provide off-site backups for data that normally resides on-premises.

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Explore the Further Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

The benefits outlined above are just some of the bigger attractions of using an MSP for your IT support in London. We haven’t even started to look at the financial benefits. To learn more, contact us at Wem Technology.