How to Prepare for Your Office 365 Migration in London

The process of moving all your mailboxes, calendars, and contacts to the cloud may be worrying when you plan for your Office 365 migration in London. Will you lose anything? Will all your systems be compatible? Will your IT services struggle to cope? Email is such a large part of any corporation it can be a stressful time, but if you prepare adequately you can minimise the risks.

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This is a large part of the preparation for a migration as you need to make sure everything will be transferred without error and without causing a drain on your current resources. A problem that often occurs is that people fail to check if their DNS provider is capable of supporting a move to Office 365. Although it is not likely to be a problem while the migration is happening, there can be situations where certain aspects of processing will not be supported which could result in a temporary loss of email or other IT services for your staff.

For the least problematic transfer, all your systems should be running the latest versions of Office and Windows. Ideally, you should be running Windows 7 or later, but if you are using Office 2007 or 2010 you may experience some issues with reduced functionality. This can be particularly obvious when it comes to migrating files if they have unsupported characters in their filenames, as the likelihood is that they will fail the migration process.

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Microsoft has a Remote Connectivity Analyzer which can help you check your network and protocols to see if the migration will work smoothly, also pointing out issues if necessary.

Data Security

Before you tackle your Office 365 migration in London, spare a thought for any compliance or regulatory issues you need to adhere to. The new system will have to be able to cope and comply with all regulations, so make sure you can confirm that it will do so before you begin the migration.

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After these have been completed, your final task is to establish who will be responsible for any problems that happen during or after your Office 365 migration in London has been completed. As long as you have the required knowledge in-house, you can maintain and manage it yourself, but if you need any assistance with your IT services, then Wem Technology is here to help. We have over 20 years’ experience in managed services, and our expert technicians can help carry out your migration for you and monitor your services afterwards. Contact us today so that we can make sure your migration is trouble-free and the integration is as smooth as possible.