Ways to Prepare for Your Office 365 Migration in London

Office 365 migration in London can revolutionise your working practices. It has many benefits including allowing greater productivity because of increased collaboration between your employees, and it is extremely cost-efficient. Deciding to transfer your company’s workings over to the cloud and take advantage of these benefits is the easy part. Actually preparing for and managing the migration can be very time-consuming and convoluted.

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How to Start the Preparations

The most important part of a migration should begin with ascertaining exactly what needs to be transferred and how sensitive data should be treated both during transfer and once the migration has been completed. The implications will vary, depending on the number of employees you have and also what sort of industry your company is in, whether it is governed by specific regulations. If you are in a strictly controlled industry, finance or government, for example, there will be more emphasis placed upon the security of your data than for other companies. But if you are a smaller independent company, cost may be your biggest worry, and part of the preparations will be to determine which type of plan to choose.

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Major Considerations

For a successful Office 365 migration in London, you will have to make the decision to go with a standard Business Plan, an upgraded Enterprise Plan or a Specialised Plan if you are part of academia or the government. Cost will be an issue here, as an Enterprise Plan will be more expensive, but it has many more features that help with security implications and regulatory considerations.

Another issue will be to decide how to migrate your email servers onto Exchange. The mailboxes can be transferred using a complete cutover migration, a staged one or a mix of the two. The number of mailboxes and the version of Exchange that you currently use will largely make this decision for you as the recommendation is to keep a cutover migration to 150 or fewer and only certain versions are supported by a staged migration, namely 2003 and 2007. If you currently use different mail providers, an IMAP or third-party migration service may be more appropriate.

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If you have decided to convert and need an Office 365 migration in London or you would just like to find out more about why it could be advantageous for you and your company, you need to get in touch with a London IT support company. At Wem Technology, we have been responsible for many successful implementations and know exactly where the pitfalls lie. Contact us today to make sure you have an experienced and knowledgeable IT team on your side.