Free your staff to work anywhere, from any device

Regardless of where they are working or on which device, Cloud Hosted Desktops provide a familiar experience all the time.

lenovo cloud monitor
  • Combine the IT infrastructure of multiple offices
  • No need to purchase a physical server
  • No need to maintain a computer network
  • We take care of your Anti-virus
  • We manage your back-ups
  • Your remote desktop includes all your line-of-business applications
  • Access your system from any location
  • Scale storage space as needed

Improved security and reliability All your data is stored in secure tier 3 datacentres and we use the same industry-standard SSL encryption as that used for on-line banking and secure payments.

Reduce your IT costs No expensive IT hardware, anti-virus software, licence renewals and IT support.

Save on energy bills Low power devices that do not require cooling replace expensive energy using servers and PC’s.

Inclusive IT support Specialist staff and support deployment system gives your staff confidence they will get help when they need it. You will no longer need an IT guru or on-site staff to worry about software updates, replacing outdated hardware and deal with day-to-day IT issues.

Business continuity Our backups and replication ensure that in the event of a disaster your business can continue as normal.

Work from anywhere Access your IT data and applications from anywhere at any time with an Internet enabled device and Internet connection.

Windows Technologies Remote Desktop Services are provided via Microsoft Windows Server technologies.