Optimise your business with hosted private cloud servers that meet all your needs – without the capital expense.

Frustrated that server costs are continuing to rise while deployment is taking longer?

Hosted servers are scalable so automatically expand and contract resources when required and on demand. Server deployment is quick with more automation and self-service.

Need advanced security?

All our private cloud servers are hosted in a maximum-security ISO27001 certified facility on fully owned and managed equipment.

Is downtime, especially during peak traffic hours causing you headaches and loss of productivity?

Private cloud computing solutions have a higher level of automation to reduce downtime and include failover/emergency provisioning.

Do you need your system to be up-to-date and continually working?

The Wem Technology hosted private cloud servers employ automated patching and failover.

Worried your servers are being under-utilised or have high management costs?

Cloud computing offers substantial cost savings, augmenting your IT infrastructure and giving you more control.

Just need some friendly advice?

Talk to our Microsoft Gold-Certified Datacenter team and we’ll talk you through what’s best for your business. We’ve migrated many businesses to the cloud to give them a new degree of flexibility they never had before.