Private Cloud servers and desktops add flexibility and reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure.

How to resolve the hosted Private Cloud or on-premise servers and desktops dilemma.

There is no right or wrong option because there are advantages and disadvantages with both a hosted private cloud and on-premise delivery models subject to the type of software/service you are considering. The best answer is often a hybrid approach to maximize the benefits of both delivery models according to the business’s needs and existing infrastructure.

Before taking a decision, assess your business and infrastructure needs with our Cloud Readiness Assessment.

  • The hybrid delivery model can benefit companies whatever their size or infrastructure by utilising your existing investments
  • Remote offices and staff can safely access company systems wherever they are working
  • Applications can run where they are most needed
  • Hosted desktops allow company staff to access their desktop on any device from anywhere
  • All that changes is the location in which your servers and PC’s are based
  • Scalable, flexible and pay as you grow

Private Cloud Servers

Reduce the cost of server ownership and your carbon footprint. Private Cloud Hosted servers are quick-to-deploy, simple-to-manage and easy to expand. Here’s 5 reasons to start today.

On-Premise Servers


Utilise your existing hardware as part of a hybrid private cloud that expands and contracts with your needs. It’s easy to start.

Hosted Desktops


The ultimate work anywhere solution for your staff reduces capital expenditure and doesn’t need an internal IT support function. Would that suit your business?

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