Protect Your Business from Domain Name Renewal Phishing Scam with the Help of Our Managed IT Services Team in London

Phishing scams are on the rise, especially those related to the renewal of domain names. Our managed IT services team in London is here to help you identify digital scams and avoid becoming a statistic. Let's take a quick look at the different variations of the domain name renewal scam:

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Phishing's Latest Twist: The Domain Name Renewal Scam

Those who own a website or a domain name group should be aware of the latest phishing scam. The aim of the domain name renewal scam is to fool people into changing domain registration companies and/or pilfer important payment data from these targets. This form of phishing is highly effective as it singles out the domain name and pressures the target into renewing the name under the impression that it will soon expire. Though the domain name very will might expire sooner rather than later, it is possible for scammers to find out this timetable and target users as appropriate. However, those who are mindful of the actual expiration date will think twice before forking over a single penny.

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Email Domain Renewal Scammers

Our managed IT services crew in London is here to protect your business against email domain renewal scams as well as other variations of phishing. If you receive an emailed or snail mailed invoice that urges you to renew your expiring domain, do not assume it is legitimate. The document might have all of your correct information, yet there might not be any need to pay the fee. Take your time, review the expiration date of your domain name and you might find the message is from a different domain registrar business. If you pay the renewal fee and fill out the form, you will give your consent to transfer the domain name to the fraudsters. This action might even provide your payment details to the crooks to boot.

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Domain Name Renewal by Phone

You might receive one or several phone calls about your supposedly expiring domain name. The caller will pressure you into saving your domain name before someone else can steal it upon its expiration. Do not pay over the phone to renew the domain name! There might not actually be any risk of losing the domain name. Take your time, find out when the domain name really expires and move on from there.

Phishing has the potential to ruin your organisation's tech investment, sabotage your productivity and make a negative impact on the bottom line. At Wem Technology, our managed IT services team in London can help with security awareness training and solutions. Contact us now for more details.