The Real Costs of Downtime Without Adequate IT Support in London

You may think of systems downtime as an occasional nuisance that leaves your employees twiddling their thumbs for an hour or so. But in reality, the true costs to your business can be much greater. With reliable IT support in London, your operation needn’t suffer the long-lasting damage that downtime can have.

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Loss of revenues

The biggest area of a business that takes a hit from downtime is revenues. Every minute your systems aren’t operating as required is a minute you may not be generating revenues. Your costs haven’t disappeared during downtime--- only your revenues.


Downtime can cost you customers. Not only can you lose existing customers that you’ve already invested in winning but you can lose the opportunity to win new customers while your systems are down. On top of that, word can get around and systems downtime today could end up costing you customers tomorrow.

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The damage to your business reputation from downtime can be hard to measure but it can be significant. You’re already investing in marketing, PR, and support in a bid to build your brand. Why let the lack of IT support in London lead to downtime that hurts your reputation?


Depending on the business you run, downtime could result in you having to pay compensation to your customers. You want your systems to support continued selling. You don’t want them to fail and drive up your costs.


Rarely does downtime end and systems simply come back online. There is almost always an extra cost to be borne in the recovery process. Engineers need to be commissioned or re-assigned from other projects. Backups need to be accessed and data restored. Integrity checks have to be performed.

Staff Productivity

When your systems go down, your staff can be left with no way to perform their work. Productivity rates collapse. And, even if your workers can get on with some of their work, the efficiency or quality of their output can be harmed.

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Staff Satisfaction

Some staff are lazy, but few people are happy to sit around doing nothing. Being unable to do their jobs because systems are down can really harm your employee’s work satisfaction. If downtime happens frequently, it can lead to the loss of valuable employees.


When your systems go down, you may face regulatory penalties. In extreme cases, your company could lose contracts with customers who have regulatory compliance of their own to worry about.

At Wem Technology, we’re as concerned about the cost of downtime as you are. Get in touch today to find out how to avoid those costs with IT support in London.