Reasons to Consider an Office 365 Migration in London

It is a big decision to undertake an Office 365 migration in London. There are usually worries that your staff will become more unproductive because they have new applications to get to grips with, and you have no idea if there will be installation difficulties.

Luckily, Microsoft has concentrated on ensuring that as long as you have a previous knowledge of one of their products (MS Word, for example), you will not take long to be up and running with this new system. In fact, because of the many different collaborative tools, productivity and efficiency will increase very soon after the first use.

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Sending documents to other members of a team is a thing of the past. There is one system of record which everyone with permission can update, and therefore the team always has access to the latest version. This saves time making sure you are looking at the most up-to-date information, as does the ability to have online meetings to discuss and review said documents.

Mobile Advantages

When considering an Office 365 migration in London, you will have to take into account the fact that more and more employees are using their own mobile devices in and outside of work. The ability of O365 to be available wherever and whenever your employees want to access it enables more efficient working practices as long as they have an internet connection. This helps if staff are working from home, abroad on business or even simply during their commute.

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One of the other bonuses of O365 is that you never pay for more than you need. Licenses are granted per user, but it is possible to scale up or down swiftly depending on a changing workforce. This is particularly useful if your business is largely seasonal, as you may take on staff specifically during busy periods and you don’t want to be paying extra for their access in slower times when your workforce has fewer requirements.


Above all, simple interfaces and the familiarity of the programs and applications mean that your staff will not take long to be productive. Setting everything up does not require you to be an IT expert either, as the dashboards are very clear and easy to use.

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With all these benefits, it makes business sense to consider an Office 365 migration in London. If you are looking for a London IT support company to help you with the transfer, call on us at Wem Technology. We have successfully completed many O365 migrations and would be happy to discuss your options. Contact us today to see how we can improve both your productivity and efficiency.