Reasons to Consider Office 365 Migration in London

It can be a difficult decision whether to keep all your email and legacy platforms in-house or consider an Office 365 migration in London. Granted, your systems work well as they are and your employees know exactly what they are doing; however, the world of technology is moving fast and there are many other businesses taking advantage of the collaboration, productivity and cost benefits of Office 365. Be careful you don’t get left behind.

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So, what are the reasons that will help make your decision for you?


Even though you may think the productivity of your staff is good now, if they are able to access the tools contained within Office 365, they can get so much more out of it. The ability to collaborate simply and easily with colleagues, whether this is because of tools that allow the sharing and updating of documents or the use of communication aids such as Skype for Business, can make completing projects much faster and more thorough. No-one needs to worry about finding the document with the latest updates or getting information quickly from another team member, it is all at your fingertips.

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Add to this the flexibility that Office 365 on the cloud gives you and you will find productivity skyrockets. Your employees can access anything kept on your system from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. Therefore, if they are commuting, at a client’s offices or working from home, it is very easy for them to answer queries and find information almost immediately.


With an Office 365 migration in London, you will be able to budget accurately. Not only will you be able to forecast exactly how much you will be spending monthly, but you will also be able to scale up or down the number of licenses you require depending on your needs. This means you are never paying for more access than is essential for the number of employees you have at any one time.


Technology is forever moving on, and it seems as soon as you install some programs you need to pay for the latest release or wait for it to be rolled out. With Office 365, you will always have access to the latest bug fixes and updates as soon as they become available.

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If you think an Office 365 migration in London might be the next logical step for your company, you need to talk over the possibilities with one of the IT companies in London like Wem Technology. We can advise you on any aspect of Office 365, so contact us today for more information.