Reasons to Move Your Technology On-Premises to the Cloud

Traditionally, businesses have begun with their technology on-premises in the form of servers and all the hardware they need to function day to day. However, the cloud is changing all that as it enables companies to run all of their systems remotely, bringing a host of new benefits with it.

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Reduced Cost

With all of your systems running remotely on the cloud instead of keeping your technology on-premises, you will find the cost compared to your current expenses vastly reduced. You no longer have to incur the capital cost of servers and other hardware, let alone the maintenance and support costs that are unavoidable. And that is before you even factor in the need to upgrade to new and even faster equipment just to keep pace with your competitors.

Knowledge and Expertise

When you partner with a managed service provider (MSP) or cloud services provider in London, you are gaining much more than just someone to help with migrating your infrastructure to the cloud. They will be on-hand to help with any day-to-day issues and can even help with future business decisions and planning.

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Disaster Recovery and Security

Security is always one of the main problems companies have with moving their systems to the cloud. There is the worry that because your data is no longer under your roof and protected by your own safeguards, that it is somehow more at risk. Luckily, because there are many companies and many industries that have strong compliance requirements and standards, cloud providers have had to enhance their security measures to ensure that they have the ultimate in data protection. The bonus is that your data will also be similarly protected regardless of the industry you are in, as all the cloud will be governed by the same barriers and security.

Disaster recovery is also inbuilt so that if anything happens to your infrastructure while on the cloud, there will always be backups and alternative hardware on which to run your systems.

Flexibility and Collaboration

Moving to the cloud also helps with collaboration between your employees wherever they are in the world. As long as they have an internet connection, they can access the same information, making work practices more streamlined and increasing productivity.

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The cloud is also ultimately scalable, so you save on wasted equipment and are never paying for more than you need to use.

If you would like to discuss whether moving your technology on-premises to the cloud is an appropriate change for you, contact us at Wem Technology. Our IT experts are ready and waiting to help you decide the best course of action for your business’s continued success.