Should You Rely on a Managed Services Provider in London for Data Protection?

One of the biggest problems that every business faces is the risk presented by cybercriminals. Outsourcing to a managed services provider (MSP) in London that offers 24/7 tech support and a wide range of services is the key to strong data protection. Here are ways that a reputable MSP can help your business succeed:

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Assessing Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

Part of the role of a managed services provider in London plays is analysing a client's entire network and pinpointing vulnerabilities such as old hardware and software. Hackers prey upon companies that rely on outdated operating systems in which updates are no longer available. Several large entities including financial institutions and airlines have been attacked by hackers. So if it can happen to corporate giants that can afford the strongest security possible, it can happen to anyone.

Businesses Must Use Cybersecurity Solutions for Survival

No longer can any business rely on just antivirus software to avoid getting hacked. Cybercriminals are always learning new tricks on how to infiltrate confidential sites, which is why it's essential to develop a strong defence against them. Without a defence strategy, your business is playing with danger because all it takes is one breach to trigger a series of lawsuits and press stories that damage a company's reputation.

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Even if you have the best multi-layered security against hackers, you must still have a sufficient backup plan in case of a power outage. A natural disaster such as a severe storm is capable of knocking down power lines, in which power can potentially be out for hours or days. One of the ways to build customer loyalty is to minimise downtime. Working with an MSP will help maintain business continuity.

How to Avoid Data Loss

Once the infrastructure has been assessed, your MSP can develop a customised backup and disaster recovery plan so that your staff will always be prepared for an emergency. A solid regular backup plan will prevent ransomware attackers from locking you out of your digital assets. The goal is to be able to restore data on a second or third server whenever a disruption occurs. Testing the plan is part of ensuring your personnel will know the proper steps to take in an emergency.

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Avoid poor technology planning by working with an experienced managed services provider in London. Visit Wem Technology to learn about our reliable strategies for data protection. Let us worry about defending your business against cybercrime while you concentrate on executing your vision and business goals.