The Role of an IT Support Provider in London in GDPR Compliance

Have you come across those news stories you want to read online, only for the USA-based website to block you from accessing the story because you’re in Europe? This is one extreme end of the GDPR-compliance spectrum. US organisations, so worried about the risk of possible penalties for not being GDPR compliant, simply stop anyone in the European Union from accessing their websites. At the other end of the spectrum is smaller businesses that are still struggling to ensure they’ve complied with GDPR requirements. If you find yourself in this camp, don’t overlook the role of IT support in London.

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The IT Support Knowledge Base

One of the biggest challenges for organisations striving for GDPR compliance is knowing which information they handle or store needs falls under GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. Your first port of call to answer this question should be your IT support provider in London.

Your IT support engineers will have a great on-the-ground understanding of the systems that support your business processes. Working with your support teams, you can undertake a comprehensive survey of the data flowing in and out of your IT platforms.

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IT Support Systems

On top of the survey of your data flows, you’ll need to establish systems for continuous monitoring of all information subject to GDPR regulation. In a nutshell, this is personal data. Not only are you required to adhere to certain fundamental principles regarding the security of that data, but it must be stored in such a way that a level of anonymization is maintained. This needs to be implemented at a systems level, both in your IT solutions and in your organisation’s processes.

Seek Expert Counsel

Your organisation may be required to appoint a designated person to serve as a Data Protection Officer (DPO). You’ll want to seek expert advice on whether you need a DPO. With a DPO in place, you’ll have an in-house expert who can oversee the legal aspects of data protection, your internal practices, and your relationship with relevant users and suppliers.

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The Role of Your IT Support Provider

An expert provider of IT support is an outstanding resource for ensuring your GDPR compliance is achieved. You may well already have outsourced some of your IT support needs. The right IT support in London can help reduce your concerns about GDPR compliance. Wem Technology can help you build support and systems that eliminate your GDPR headaches. Get in touch today to find out more.