Save Time, Money, and Resources with Office 365 migration in London

The old corporate IT paradigm is rapidly being overtaken by today’s fast-moving, resource-efficient cloud-based systems. You and your employees likely already have some experience with cloud computing (using popular web-based email services, for example). But almost any business can enjoy a wide range of advantages by moving their desktop toolsets to Microsoft Office 365. Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits of Office 365 migration in London:

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The Client End of the Win

From a user point of view, there are some big wins to migrating to Office 365. An often-disparate mix of tools that may not be integrated can be replaced with one smooth suite supported by London IT companies and covering:

  • Cloud storage with OneDrive
  • Single point of corporate chat via Teams
  • The power and low cost of Skype for Business
  • Powerful, robust group publishing with SharePoint

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And remember, these are in addition to having all of the usual Office favourites, such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access. In addition, Office 365 migration in London means that these tools are supported through a single approach, rather than having to keep on top of many different systems, desktops, applications, updates, and licences.

The Back End of the Benefits

Migrating to Office 365 is a win for your IT resources, too. Because the platform is hosted in the cloud, London businesses get to enjoy lower overheads with regards to:

  • Infrastructure
  • Hardware
  • Electrical provision
  • Rack space and hosting
  • Cooling
  • Support engineers

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Not only does the cost and complexity of your provision, support, and updates for all of these areas come down, but your licensing, security, and update headaches go away, too.

Flexibility and Stability

When it comes to supporting your teams with Office 365, your provider will offer a range of packages that allow you to scale the feature set and functionality in line with your needs. From basic Business Essentials, which has everything a small business needs, to Enterprise E3 power and sophistication for large, international corporations, you’ll enjoy the application suite that meets your requirements without facing huge capital investment or long lead times.

The subject of Office 365 migration in London is a huge one, and we can’t possibly cover all of the details that might be relevant to your business here. If the key points covered above have you interested, At Wem Technology, we will be happy to help you understand how your organisation can benefit. To find out more, get in touch.