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Secure IT



Every business has a responsibility to secure data and sensitive customer details.

Senior Management and I.T. are responsible for preventing data breaches from cyber criminals, hackers and identity thieves
  • Protection for the network includes network firewalls, intrusion prevention and application control.
  • Protection for the system against viruses, Trojan-horse and spam software needs endpoint security software and encryption technology.
Implementing a layered security strategy requires a great deal more than buying an off-the-shelf security product.
To ensure total security you need an integrated solution that has been designed and implemented by professionals who understand the ever-evolving threats your organisation is now facing.
Board Management (including I.T.) should be responsible for:
  • IT security policies that preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and information used by the business.
It is therefore essential not only to have a good security system with the right technology in place but also to have the right security policies and training, which helps employees to keep security awareness in mind at all times.


Secure your IT network with the latest Firewalls featuring Unified Threat Management technology


Protect your desktop from Viruses, Trojans and other malware.
Most business processes use PCs, servers and networks to send and store vital information, often financial or private information belonging to customers. Cyber criminals, spend their time attempting to infiltrate company networks and web sites for financial gain or identity theft. Many hackers will try to exploit business web sites that have old and unsecured coding, or which run on older or unpatched servers and operating systems.