Secure Your SMB on a Budget with Managed Services in London

Secure Your SMB on a Budget with Managed Services in London

The days when large corporations were the main target of cyber attacks is gone. Cybercriminals don't care if you are a single proprietorship or a Fortune 500 corporation. If you have something they want, they will go after your business. The challenge for SMBs is budget and resources. A small business doesn't have the deep pockets of a large corporation. Fortunately, there's a way to amp up your business's cybersecurity while keeping your budget— outsourcing to a managed services provider (MSP) in London.

Identify Your Critical Assets

Which of your systems do you need to have up and running to keep your business operating? Those systems are the ones you prioritise as far as backups and security. A good way to judge which systems are critical is by talking with your employees, as they will give you perspective and something to think about.

Create and Enforce Security Policies

According to managed services providers in London, the vast majority of cybersecurity attacks succeed due to human error. It is important to have clear digital security policies in place and to enforce them. Every employee from CEO to janitor must be held accountable for their part in keeping your business secure.

Train Your Employees

As most attacks succeed due to human error, the best way to prevent those attacks is human training. Employees need to know what to look for and how to react to phishing emails, for example. Training raises employee awareness and makes them less likely to fall for a common attack scheme.

Don't Try to Be Perfect

Striving for perfection can cost a lot of money. It is better to detect an attack and have effective measures for limiting the damage than to blow the budget on trying to prevent every possible attack.

As managed services experts in London advise, don't use a limited budget as an excuse to ignore cybersecurity, as it will end up costing you if an attack succeeds. To learn more, get in touch with us at Wem Technology. We are one of the leading IT companies London businesses know they can rely on.

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