Secure Your Business File-Sharing with Managed Services in London

Data and file-sharing between members of your team is an important part of running a business. Departments and team members need a simple way to collaborate and exchange information and ideas. This, however, brings in the challenge of data security. As a business, you need to ensure that confidential company information is not being taken out of the business or misused. Managed services providers in London have solutions to improve and secure your business file-sharing.

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Acknowledge the Risks

There are a number of risks that come with unrestricted or unmanaged file-sharing. This can expose your company to data breaches, which then affects your compliance. The personal information of your clients and personnel may also be exposed, and this could lead to legal challenges. Internally, people may also misuse data from the work of their teammates.

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Educating your team about the risks to file-sharing is an important next step. Data security affects everyone and should involve everyone. Employees must be educated on what kind of information must not be shared internally and externally. This training goes hand in hand with access management. Updating and enforcing who has access to what data in your business is one of the key ways to limit misuse. There is a need to control access to data in the cloud or any other storage platform that your business uses. Managed services providers in London can assist with access management.

Update Your Security

Besides training and access management, there are many other steps you can take as a business to improve your data when it comes to file-sharing. One of these is making sure that your content management system stays updated. Having the latest updates and bug fixes can help you avoid common challenges. Investing in the latest systems is also another consideration if your current system is not up to par.

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You can also look into an integrated system for all your business functions. This helps you tackle security and access control for the entire system rather than for multiple different and separate functions. It also makes managing the system less complicated.

File-sharing is important for a business, but the security of your business data must be a priority. At Wem Technology Ltd, we offer managed services in London to help you manage and secure your business functions better. These include cloud services, security awareness training, data migration, and network security. If you are interested in any of our managed services, click here.