Secure Your Business with IT Support in London

There are many different security measures you can take which may or may not be effective. You don't want to build a moat when your attackers are airborne. IT support firms in London can help you determine which digital defence techniques are most appropriate to your business, and in which echelons of operation:

Patches and Updates

IT support firms in London will likely introduce you to a program of regular updates and patches. These are necessary as new software develops. Also, political changes can have an impact. It was leaked in early 2017 that the NSA had built a backdoor into Microsoft devices through SMB (Server Message Block) ports. As soon as that knowledge was out, North Korea designed the WannaCry virus and it impacted companies in 150+ countries. A simple patch deflected vulnerability. Managed services providers in London recommend having regular automatic patches and updates, or those managed in accordance with your operational schedule, to avoid such situations.

Securing Endpoints through Antivirus Protocols and Firewalls

With endpoints, you need antivirus and firewall protocols established for protection. Additionally, you've got to commission updates as frequently as they become available. Proactive monitoring and support is also a good measure.

Continuously Educating Internal Staff Regarding Technological Changes

Because tech is always developing, you can't educate employees once and expect them to have the mental tools available to properly secure your operation. You need to have refresher courses at intervals. Quarterly security training likely represents the most optimal solution but may not be viable for some companies. At the very least you need yearly refreshers to be enhanced by the incorporation of biannual education strategies.

IT support in London through Wem Technology can help you to secure the right patches, updates, antivirus, firewall, and educational support. Contact us for more information on security measures that can help you ensure your business isn't undermined by avoidable cybercriminal threats.