Why Security Awareness Training Should Be Part of Your Managed IT Support in London

A managed IT support provider in London can do a lot for your company, but they can do only so much without your employees' cooperation. This is because the first line of defence for any organisation is its staff. You can have the strongest firewall and the best antivirus software but still remain vulnerable if your employees don't know better than to open attachments of questionable emails. After all, your company is no stronger than its weakest link.

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Thus, it's important to give your staff security awareness training on a regular basis. By helping your employees develop good habits, threats will be held at bay right from the start. Also, the following factors call for higher security:

Your Company Has a BYOD Policy

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allows employees to use their personal devices for work. BYOD increases productivity for employees and decreases expenses for employers, but it still poses inherent risks that need to be addressed, like preventing data breach when a device gets lost or stolen, and deleting data from a personal device right after an employee resigns. Being careful which apps to use and backing up data are just two of the many things your employees need to learn when practising BYOD.

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Your Employees Handle Sensitive Data

If your company happens to be in a highly regulated industry, chances are that your employees manage confidential information for customers. When other people's personal data is at stake, it's critical for your company to develop a culture of security. A single data breach can cost you a lot of money and other resources.

Your Competitors Value Security

Many companies are now more aware of the importance of security beyond what managed IT support providers in London can offer, so they invest in security awareness training. Customers want to support companies that care about the safety of their data. If your competitors can claim and prove they offer more protection, your company stands to lose customers unless you take action.

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You Want to Streamline Your Processes

Most of the time, it's ignorance that causes employees to be careless, not malice, so training your staff in security will guide them to the right path. After all, best practices are developed and performed when your employees know what to do.

The good thing about working with a managed IT support provider in London is that they can conduct security awareness training for you, on top of other services. At Wem Technology, we can take care of your IT needs, including training. Contact us now for more information.