Security in Scanning: How the Dark Web Scan Can Protect Your Data

The dark web is that part of the internet where a lot of illegal activities are going on, which is why an increasing number of individuals and organisations want to use a dark web scan. But do you really need it?

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What the Dark Web Really Is

However, first things first. Many people confuse the deep web with the dark web. The deep web is simply the part of the internet that search engines can't reach, like the posts in a friends-only Facebook profile or the messages in your email inbox. Password-protected pages, as well as dynamic and encrypted pages are part of the deep web.

The dark web is where the more nefarious stuff is going on, like black market trade, illegal porn, etc. Thus, it's accessibly only via special software that lets users and operators keep remain both anonymous and untraceable.

What You Can Find on The Dark Web

Stolen information sold at low prices is just one of the questionable merchandises you can find on the dark web. Fake IDs and other fraudulent documents are quite popular. Bank account numbers, credit/debit card details, and SSN are up for sale, enabling identity theft. Guns, drugs, and contraband are hot items as well.

Of course, some goods sold in the dark web are not against the law--- at least, not technically. Cheap electronics are in demand. Adult toys which a lot of people are too embarrassed to buy in regular stores are prevalent in the dark web, too.

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However, it can't be denied that the shady reputation of the dark web emerged for a reason. The dark web has always been the underbelly of the internet where unlawful activities thrive.

How To Keep Data Safe

To detect if your personal information is up for sale in the dark web, you can perform a dark web scan which operates 24/7 and runs on both human and artificial intelligence. It trawls all kinds of content, such as websites, forums, chatrooms, and even private networks.

But it's not just your own personal information you can look for; if you're running a business, you can also search the dark web for your customers' data. A breach already happened if you find your customers' data in the dark web, but you'll still have time to mitigate the damage.

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Security from the dark web is crucial, so talk to a provider of London IT support about it now. At Wem Technology, we will be happy to discuss our dark web scan service for the safety of your company's data. For more information, read our blog here and contact us.