Server Infrastructure: Comparing Cloud Services and Technology On-Premises

If you are planning on upgrading the server setup, you should make a thorough comparison between cloud services and technology on-premises. As implied, the latter option involves purchasing and installing in-house servers within your commercial premises. The cloud alternative allows a business to use server infrastructure owned by a third-party service provider. If you opt for the cloud server option, you will be charged a regular fee for the continued use of the servers.

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Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, it is important to note that both options might not be suitable for your business. Therefore, you should evaluate your needs and crucial factors such as company size, costs, and web-based transactions before choosing the most appropriate solution. In addition, it is advisable to consult a managed services provider in London for customised professional guidance on the best solution for your commercial operations.

Choosing In-House Servers

There are multiple advantages to acquiring and installing your business server technology on-premises. In general, an in-house server will provide you with complete control over your data and backups. Therefore, you will not need internet access to manage your databases. Also, the design prevents third-parties from coming into contact with your crucial commercial information. In addition, this solution is cost-effective for mid-sized and small enterprises.

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The primary drawback of choosing the in-house server option is the need for capital. You will need significant funds to handle the upfront costs of a server and related infrastructure. On-premises servers will also require storage, security, and maintenance. Therefore, you must make space in your office for placing the server, and an IT technician will be needed for management. You should think about these issues before making your decision.

Choosing Cloud Services

Cloud server solutions have become more popular due to their convenience. When you opt for cloud services, you will not need to spend money on server hardware and infrastructure setup. Also, the storage provided through cloud solutions can be expanded as needed. Ideally, you will only need to inform your managed services provider in London about your need for more space. This flexibility is invaluable for growing businesses. In addition, cloud solutions allow for remote access, backup, and restoration. Unfortunately, the long-term costs of cloud use can be high.

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The Hybrid Option

If your business could benefit from both cloud solutions and server technology on-premises, you should consider opting for a hybrid model. This option combines the security and convenience of in-house servers with the flexibility of cloud services. If you would like to learn more about the full range of server setup models, consult our experts at Wem Technology today.