Set Up VoIP with London IT Consulting

Many businesses hire a London IT consulting firm to help them set up technology that increases efficiency, such as VoIP. As a cloud-based internet phone service, VoIP cuts costs significantly using less hardware. Here are the steps your IT firm will need to take to ensure that your VoIP system is secure and allows for easy scalability:

1. Assess, Test and Inspect

The first step your London IT consulting firm will take is assessing current firewalls and confirming that the router supports SIP protocols. Adding clustered firewalls will create strong protections and make your network more stable. Your team should then configure a business class router that includes the Quality of Service (QoS) feature. From there, they should test your network for vulnerabilities with programs such as Nessus or Open VAS.

Your IT consulting partner will then analyse your traffic by inspecting call traffic packets. This data is made available by VoIP providers for audits.

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2. Review Call Behaviour

It helps to reach out to London IT support experts as they can monitor and analyse call behaviour regularly and understand abnormal call patterns. By blocking unusual call routes, you can reduce the risks of fraud.

3. Limit Credit

VoIP providers assign credit limits to accounts to help protect against identity theft or other financial crimes. The cap on credit is usually determined by your spending history. An IT consulting team can make sure the provider has these limits in place.

4. Confirm Provider Prevents Identity Theft

You'll need to confirm your VoIP provider protects your account from identity theft by limiting access only through your IP address.

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5. Select Call Routes

The provider should allow you the choice of where to route calls. A VoIP service typically provides a profile where outbound calls can be routed.

6. Configure Your Geo Profile

Use your geographic profile to check blocked countries outside of your chosen call routes. For the most secure conditions, you and the provider should decide on allowable geographic connections and countries to be blocked.

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7. Set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Establish your VPN for additional security and simplifying the management of multiple locations. It's useful for providing secure connections to remote employees. It also allows for accessing cloud-based services using encryption.


Following the above steps with the help of a London IT consulting firm will make your VoIP system more secure. Get in touch with Wem Technology to learn more about the benefits of VoIP and other solutions that cut costs for businesses.