Your SMB Can Benefit Most from Cloud Services in London

When you are running a small or medium-sized business (SMB), sometimes you need to get creative with your technology solutions. Hybrid cloud services are the best way for SMBs to manage their business safely and intelligently, without the high cost of other security services. Cloud services in London are very accessible, and they are an easy way to store your data safely. Here are some of the security and cloud services you should be using as an SMB:

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Hybrid Cloud Services

With a hybrid cloud service, you get the security of having both the cloud and traditional hardware to store your data. With a hybrid cloud service, your data is stored on a local network appliance and then transferred into the cloud. Having both of these options available makes it easier to restore your systems in the event of an emergency and prevents data losses.

Instant Virtualization

Another solution that many cloud services providers in London are offering is instant virtualization. This service creates a virtualized copy of your servers that runs on the cloud server. Having a virtualized copy of your data and software gives you more storage space, and it also makes it very easy to back up your data securely. These virtual machines run exactly like the original system did, and they will continue to back up both to your local appliance and to the cloud for extra security.

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Image-Based Backup

This is another common solution that you can use to keep your data safe and secure. Image-based backup systems take pictures of a computer or an entire server automatically, and you can use these images to restore important files should they become lost or overwritten. Cloud services providers take this procedure even further by offering a screenshot of every boot process as it is completed. During this process, it also verifies that the backup is successful and that it can work in an emergency, something that's becoming increasingly relevant in today's world of cybercrime. Any system downtime could result in financial losses for your company if they aren't mitigated right away.

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