Surviving a Ransomware Attack with Managed IT Services in London

Unfortunately, ransomware attacks are now very common as a method for cybercriminals to target businesses for their own financial gain. These attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and it's not just large organisations that are being hit with them. Any company can be the victim of a ransomware attack, which is why it's important to use professional managed IT services in London to keep your business safe.

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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a unique type of cyber-attack that leverages the user's digital information or property against them. It is a form of software that is essentially disguised so that the recipient will think it is normal. It uses the access given by the recipient to hack in and gain control of secure data. It then blocks the victim's access to that data and demands a financial sum in order for them to get it back. Ransomware will normally encrypt the files to block access, or it will lock your entire screen.

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Why is Ransomware So Dangerous?

Ransomware can have serious negative repercussions for your business. First, it can be very financially damaging. Ransoms can be very high, and they can be particularly costly to a small business if you end up paying them. Your business could also lose money while your systems are compromised, because it will be difficult for employees to be productive without essential data. Finally, a successful ransomware attack can seriously compromise the relationship between you and your customers. Consumers today expect the data they provide to be completely secure at all times, and they place their trust in you as a service provider. It can be difficult for consumers to trust you in the future if your systems have been part of a ransomware attack, because now customers aren't sure who has their data and what it is being used for.

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How Can I Identify and Prevent Ransomware at My Company?

Before you can prevent ransomware attacks at your company, your employees need to be educated on what it is and know the signs. Ideally, you should be working with a managed IT services firm in London to set up a firewall and other security systems to prevent a ransomware attack. However, there are warning signs that any employee can look out for and avoid. For example, these programs are usually sent via email, so employees should learn to avoid clicking on any attachment or link that seems even slightly out of the ordinary.

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