Take Advantage of Cloud Collaboration Tools and IT Services in London

Collaboration is becoming that much more important with each passing day. In particular, online collaboration between employees in different locations is proving especially valuable. Fail to provide your team with the right online collaboration tools and they won’t maximise their efficiency or potential in the workplace. Your business needs cloud-based tools for seamless online collaboration. This way, your employees can work in a virtual manner as though they are located in the same office when they are actually stationed far away from one another. Below, our IT services team in London details some of the most valuable cloud collaboration tools.

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Chatting on the Cloud

Employees need the ability to communicate on-the-go by simply accessing the cloud when away from the office. Consider using Slack or Skype so your team can interact with one another regardless of their physical location. Skype is especially helpful as it serves as a video chatting platform directly implemented into Office 365.

Use the Cloud to Improve Productivity

All sorts of productivity solutions are on the market. Consider Prezi to ameliorate online presentations or Evernote to take and share notes. Additional cloud-based productivity options include Outlook and PowerPoint. Use these productivity utilities on the cloud and everyone on your team will be able to work regardless of whether they are in the primary office or elsewhere.

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The Cloud Makes It Easy to Conference

There are some situations in which several employees have to communicate as though they are positioned in the same office. Take advantage of cloud-based solutions like Cisco WebEx and your entire team will be able to conference with one another over the web. If you have any questions about how to use these cloud-based conferencing solutions, our IT services team in London is here to help you make the most of this technology as well as additional innovations available in the months and years to come.

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Storage Options

Cloud-based storage has permeated the mainstream in recent years. Your cloud-based storage options range from Google Storage to Dropbox and beyond. Opt for cloud-based storage and you will enjoy redundant copies of your most important data, easy sharing with vendors/clients and 24/7 access from nearly any point on the globe.

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