The Importance of Dark Web Scanning

London IT companies understand the importance of dark web scanning, yet the average business owner/manager is understandably ignorant about this aspect of tech. The dark web is a network of miscreants hell-bent on pilfering valuable data, selling illegal items and creating general upheaval. This network is powered and accessed with highly unique security tools. It must be noted that the dark web is not exactly the same as the deep web. The deep web is comprised of pages and sites the typical web surfer cannot access. Let's take a closer look at the dark web and why a dark web scan is essential for any business.

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The Danger of the Dark Web

Computers in the workplace and employees' personal computing devices often contain highly sensitive data. Unfortunately, there is the potential for some of this information to end up on the dark web. The last thing you need is for your business's valuable data to end up on the dark web, sold to the highest bidder and used against you in the future. Though the dark web certainly provides some benefit, it is clear it poses a major risk to businesses.

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Dark Web Scan

Dark web scanning is necessary for businesses to identify cyber threats that put stolen information on the dark web. These scans combine artificial intelligence with human intelligence to sort through private networks, forums, blogs and dark web chat rooms where criminals hang out. If your business is not currently conducting a dark web scan, your most valuable data might be on the dark web auction block at this very moment. Fret not, London IT companies can help perform a regular dark web scan, mitigate threats and keep your business humming along.

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Why a Dark Web Scan is So Important

Dark web scans pinpoint stolen credentials along with additional information in circulation. Such a scan can identify data from private sites mandating allegiance to cybercriminal communities. If a dark web scan reveals your company's most important information or credentials are available to evildoers, it is imperative you take immediate action. The cause of the breach must be identified in order to develop a plan of action against additional breaches. Sadly, data on the dark web cannot be removed. However, the fact that a dark web scan reveals your company's data is on the dark web empowers you to take the precautions necessary to safeguard your private information as well as your client base.

At Wem Technology, we help businesses, regardless of size or niche, protect their data from dark web frauds by performing regular dark web scanning. If you have any questions or concerns about the dark web and/or dark web monitoring, feel free to contact us!