Three Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Office 365 Migration in London

If you are considering Office 365 migration in London, you might think you can handle it in-house. Maybe your tech staff has experience in O365 migration and you think it would be cheaper that way. The sad truth is that it can be very complicated with many different aspects that can go wrong or that can be forgotten, and unless you are very lucky, with the best will in the world your staff may not be able to cope. But there are also other benefits to outsourcing your migration.

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Reduced Costs

At first glance, carrying out your Office 365 migration in London by yourself and only using your current staff may seem like the cheaper choice. After all, you are already paying your employees, why should you pay extra to an external company? But when you consider that the transfer will take at least a week, with continued support after the event also taking your staff away from their jobs, it is almost certainly cheaper to hire an outside firm.

Greater Continued Productivity

If you consider using an outside firm to complete your migration, there will be little to no downtime as they will be aware of any problems that could occur and be best placed to avoid them. Your staff will experience a smooth transition and be able to continue their workload alongside the transfer, leading to no change in productivity and no interruptions in dealing with clients.

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Managed services are so much more than just a hired hand to help you move over to O365. They can help you further down the line with any updates that Office 365 needs as well as training on how to use the service effectively. They can also plan your strategies for the future which may include other services that are not part of Office 365 but are complementary and could give you an edge over your competitors. The right managed services company will be like an extra part of your business, on hand to help with anything that relates to your digital working environment.

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If you would like a local company to manage your Office 365 migration in London, contact us at Wem Technology. We have a great deal of experience of the migration process, but as a managed services company, we can also provide you with ongoing care and advice. Transferring these systems to the cloud is just the first step to improving your business via strategic digital investments. You’ll find that keeping pace with your competitors is very cost-effective when you partner with a London managed services firm, so contact us today to see how we can help.