Tips from Our Managed IT Services Experts in London on Protecting Your Backups Against Ransomware

Ransomware will freeze your company's computers, preventing access to critically important data and ultimately send clients to your competitors. This is just about the worst case scenario for every business. Here are tips from our managed IT services experts in London on what you can do to minimise the chances of such an attack:

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Secure Those Backups!

There is a common misconception that ransomware strictly impacts the computers employees use on a daily basis. Nowadays, ransomware hackers have altered their attacks to identify and infect backups. If your business does not have a completely secure backup void of ransomware ready for installation, your business will find it egregiously difficult to rebound from such an attack. Your backups should not be connected to the networks and computers they are meant to back up. Every business should have at least three unique copies of backups. One of these copies should be offsite. Another copy should be offline, just in case an online attack occurs.

Take Snapshots

Backup storage should be comprehensively documented with storage snapshots. Such a snapshot serves as a table of contents of sorts as it easily accessible data that can be viewed/used whenever desired.

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Diversify the Backups' Media

It is a mistake to use the exact same type of media in your backups. There should be several backups stored on a number of different types of media and stored in distinct locations. Consider implementing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS) to diversify your backups' storage formats.

Rely on a Service That Provides Timely Alerts

Every business should tap into a service that provides immediate notifications as soon as it appears ransomware is present. This way, your business will be promptly warned as soon as ransomware rears its ugly head. If you are unsure as to which warning service is optimal, lean on our managed IT services professionals in London for assistance. We will ensure your company is provided with a service that provides accurate and timely alerts regarding ransomware and other threats.

Use Unique Logins and Passwords

It is a mistake to use “Admin” as your login and password. Each backup should have a unique login and password. Otherwise, it will be fairly easy for hackers to access your backups.

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Test the Backups

Backups should be tested with regularity. Fail to test your backups and you will not have any assurance your data is accessible and/or properly protected. Our IT team can help test your backups and keep your data protected against digital miscreants.


You have the power to minimise the chances of a crippling ransomware attack. Follow the tips detailed above, ask for ongoing assistance from our managed IT services experts in London and you will have done your part to safeguard your backups. Contact us now to learn more about our digital protections and additional tech services.