The Truth About the Dark Web and the Need for Dark Web Scanning

There are plenty of misconceptions about the dark web. It is best to think of the dark web as a concealed web network rather than a tangible place. Though the dark web certainly relies on specialised resources, it is available to just about everyone. Unfortunately, criminals flock to the dark web as it provides a digital black market of sorts for stolen information to be bought and sold while hiding users' IP addresses. This is precisely why dark web scanning is essential for every business.

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A Deeper Look into the Dark Web

The dark web is comprised of a small portion of the internet. Those who have specialised web browsers can access this alternate web. The dark web is an overarching term that also relates to the darknet or the overlay networks that make communications anonymous while simultaneously concealing web traffic's origins and destinations. The dark web allows users to access the web in an anonymous fashion through the rerouting of their web activity by way of several different unique IP addresses. The end result is a disguising of the computer from which the traffic originated from. As a result, the dark web has opened the door for illegal activity to flourish on the web.

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Interesting Information About the Dark Web

Dark web pages cannot be found by way of the surface web, commonly referred to as Google's search engine. In other words, the user must know where he or she intends to go and have the proper software to reach that destination. All in all, the dark web has more than 205,000 websites compared to the trillions on Google. The fact that half of all dark websites involve illegal activity is reason enough to spend for dark web scanning. Our I.T. support team in London is here to help keep your systems, software, and hardware safe.

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When the Dark Web Entered the Mainstream

The dark web hit the mainstream after authorities put an end to Silk Road. Silk Road was basically the Amazon or eBay of illegal online drug marketplaces. Once the founder of Silk Road was arrested, the dark web really took off, presenting criminals with an easy online opportunity to buy and sell drugs, guns, stolen personal information and plenty more, all bought and sold with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

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