Awingu provides your team with simple online unified workplaces for your business applications, Software-as-a-Service and documents – from any browser.

Regardless of where or on which device you need to work, Unified Workspaces provide you with a familiar experience.

Your legacy line-of-business and Microsoft Office applications can be accessed easily via any browser with this smart alternative to Citrix XenApp and Azure RemoteApp.


Unified Workspace Features

  • Move your legacy applications to the cloud
  • Simple alternative to Citrix XenApp, ShareFile and Netscaler
  • Delivers contractor access to applications – not the entire network
  • Secure, granular access rights with detailed auditing of user sessions
  • Collaborate with colleagues on the same application, in real-time
  • Runs on your Private Cloud or hosted in Azure or our Cloud
  • Provides fully-functional applications, including Microsoft Office
  • Prevents data leakage to client devices
  • Single-Sign-on for easy access to other SAAS Apps
  • 100% browser-based solution – absolutely no client software to install

Unified Workspace Benefits

  • Securely access old and new applications, from any device, anywhere
  • Cost savings vs Citrix
  • Secure contractor management
  • Zero data leakage, no data and applications on client devices
  • Mobilize legacy apps
  • Bring your own devices without requiring MDM
  • Requires no configuration or software installation on end-user devices
  • No more complex VPN’s to manage
  • Online collaboration is as easy as sharing a link
  • Keep your existing I.T. Infrastructure and investments
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How does Awingu do this?

Windows application delivered to any device

Awingu simply works out-of-the-box, on the device of your choice to help increase productivity. No software installation is needed, nor do you need a manual. Your Windows applications will now appear on your chosen device, no matter whether it runs a Microsoft Windows operating system or not.  The only requirement is a modern browser with HTML5 capabilities.

Web-based file browser

Get access to your company network shared drives, SharePoint and Office365 OneDrive via your browser.  Our Web-based file manager provides a unified view across all drives, it supports all common file/folder operations, and offers drag-and-drop functionality, file sharing and breadcrumb navigation

Eliminate the high costs associated with Citrix and complex VPNs

Replace the high costs associated with Citrix with an easy-to-use solution that requires no client installation. We offer a simple alternative to VDI and application virtualisation technologies such as Citrix Xenapp or XenDesktop. Costly, hard to manage VPNs become a thing of the past when you have an encrypted connection through an intuitive browser interface.

Collaboration out of the box

Collaboration is a big part of Awingu.  We enable collaboration with both your Windows applications as well as your documents.  Ask Awingu to share your application session or a unique URL for your document and access can be provided.  When sharing an application session, the other users can request control as well as see your working, enabling seamless working and sharing.  For document sharing, Awingu will provide a URL that gives either preview or download access to files and folders without copying these files to an external system.  This removes the need for un-trusted file sharing solutions, enabling you to remain in control.

Secure solution

Awingu is SSL-encrypted and offers strong authentication to ensure high security when logging into your online work-space. We give you granular control over access rights and user activity. To further enhance security you can enable “Multi-Factor Authentication”, either using the built in tools or those provided Google, Microsoft or others that can use RADIUS technology, such as the common solutions from RSA Security.

Ensure the highest levels of security, prevent data leakage and audit contractor access

Prevent “downloaded” data being left on any device used to access confidential company information, including unmanaged devices used by seasonal or short-term contractors.
Eliminate data loss risks by accessing your apps with all their normal online workplace controls and security.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Once logged into Awingu, you won’t have to re-authenticate in any of the applications linked to your personal online workplace. This means Awingu acts as an “Identity Provider” (IDP). We have out-of-the-box connectors with popular SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Work, Sales force, Dropbox and many more.

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Take Mobility and Security Beyond Traditional VPN Solutions with Awingu


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