Why Use Cloud Technology Over Technology On-Premises

The past few years have seen many businesses shift from technology on-premises to cloud technology. Others are following the trend with none seeming to want to turn back. Maybe you have also considered migrating too but are not yet sure whether you should. Here are some reasons that should convince you to take the bold step:

Overall Maintenance of Cloud Landscape is Affordable

Unlike technology on-premises where you are required to purchase your own hardware and software, cloud technology only requires a monthly subscription. In this case, you only pay for space used without investing in installation infrastructure. Better still, you can choose to cancel your subscription anytime you want to.

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You Don’t Need to Stress About Regular Updates

Other than the complicated installation process of hardware, using on-premise applications also requires that your staff be vigilant about keeping the applications updated. The entire process also takes months and requires a substantial amount of money to ensure a successful installation. Cloud technology, on the other hand, allows you to avoid all this stress as it is handled by your service provider. Once you subscribe for the service, the applications are customised to match your needs and you can have your operations migrated to cloud within 30 days. Additionally, upgrades are done after office hours and weekend, hence you will never experience interruptions.

Reduced Overall Cost

When cloud technology doesn’t entirely wipe out the cost for hardware, software, rent, support staff, and other utilities, it helps reduce them significantly. This is because all these are catered for by your service provider and you only pay service fee depending on your subscribed services. In addition, running your applications on cloud helps you save on space that would otherwise be your data centre, plus every feature that would have been installed to make that data centre suitable such as heating and cooling.


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Improved Data Backup

Cloud computing has the advantage that your data is replicated and stored in various physical locations. In case a disaster strikes and data in one location is lost, you still have a backup of other locations hence easier to retrieve your applications without experiencing losses.

Improved Security

Although there are some hackers who try to steal data on the cloud, the chances of cracking information stored on the cloud are minimal compared to on-premises. I.T. support firms in London work hard to ensure that their clients’ data is properly secured by providing regular upgrades that contain better security measures.


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Migrating your business applications to the cloud all at once is expensive. Instead, you can migrate bit by bit until you are fully on the cloud. For more information on cloud migration and technology on-premises, feel free to contact us at Wem Technology today.