How You Can Use Dark Web Scanning to Keep Your Data Safer

For the vast majority of internet users, the dark web is a completely unknown entity. However, for cybercriminals, the dark web is a gold mine of valuable data for sale. It's easier than ever to commit fraud by purchasing information on the dark web, and this can pose a huge risk for your business. It's important to be vigilant to ensure that your employees and your customers are safe. Dark web scanning can help you be more aware of where your information is on the internet so you can remove it before disaster strikes.

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Most people would be surprised by how simple it is to commit fraud on the dark web. To browse the dark web, all you need is a special browser, and then you can head to one of its many anonymous message boards where you will find a myriad of personal information and other items for sale. You'll find everything from bank account information to medical records, to social security numbers and more. The scariest part is that these items are quite affordable - a criminal might pay as little as one dollar for your social security number. And since most of the transactions are made in Bitcoin, it's difficult to determine where they are actually coming from.

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Once hackers have this information, they can take control of your accounts. For companies, the threat is even greater because hackers could access both your employees' and your customers' information, and an instance of identity theft would be a huge setback. It's important to take steps to mitigate this damage. First of all, you should make sure that all of your employees are using two-factor authentication and strong passwords, which make your accounts harder to hack into. You should also make sure you set up a strong firewall with a London managed services team. Finally, make sure you have dark web scanning tools implemented. This technology can help you find your personal information if it hits the dark web so you can change it before things get sold.

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