How to Use Managed IT Services in London for Data Protection

A series of high-profile cybersecurity breaches has led to managed IT services firms in London making data protection a top priority. Legal professionals now frequently updating cybersecurity policies.

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Here's a guide for steering clear of common mistakes made by law firms when trying to prevent an attack:

Preventable Cybersecurity Mistakes

One of the most important roles that managed IT services firms in London play for clients is to help set robust cybersecurity policies, such as strong passwords. Smaller firms often cut corners on quality to avoid high costs, so they don't bother hiring IT experts who can help shape solid policies. Without a set of rules that determine what employees can do with sensitive data, a company becomes vulnerable, since it allows workers to be careless and explore potentially dangerous sites.

Managers who take an attitude that since they've never been hacked it could never happen to them are among the most likely to be attacked. How do hackers know which companies are careless about security? It's obvious to them once they spy on an old system with expired support. Employees who talk trash about their company's slow computers on public social media profiles are basically sending out a signal to potential hackers that their network would be good for target practice.

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Another big mistake that law firms make is having a false sense of security by assuming the only protection necessary is around the perimeter of a network. In other words, firewalls and antivirus software alone cannot stop hackers, although they help enormously. But experienced hackers know their way around robust walls by tricking employees to click nefarious links through phishing emails. Open security models allowing full staff to have complete access to digital assets and ignoring routine backups are other potential recipes for digital disaster.

Building a Reliable Data Protection Model

The steps to creating a strong cybersecurity solution begin with employee training. It's imperative that the law firm or its IT team instruct staff on how to avoid phishing scams. The combination of this training along with a strong set of security policies and governance technology will help build a solid defence. Part of the key to a safe data environment is for IT experts to study analytics to track suspicious activity that could lead to a breach. Limiting access to confidential data is essential, as different departments can be segmented through virtualization.

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Most reputable managed IT services firms in London are moving toward improving cybersecurity as a top concern. Do not settle for a startup that lacks experience! Reach out to us at Wem Technology to learn more about how you can protect all your data from cybercriminals.