Using Dark Web Scan Tools to Protect Your Digital Credentials

Your organisation’s digital credentials are all that stand between the health of your business and disaster. At every level, from individual users to server administration and application control, if cybercriminals compromise the digital credentials on which your business and customers depend, the cost could be more than you can bear. With dark web scan tools, however, you can help to enforce the security of those credentials and reduce the risk of cybercrime.

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What Are Digital Credentials?

Digital credentials are the secure access codes your employees, customers, and systems use to ensure only authorised users and services can access resources on your information systems. The most commonly used and understood of these are usernames and passwords. However, digital credentials can actually encompass a wide range of types of information, from email accounts, security tokens, mobile phone numbers, and password reminders, to National Insurance numbers, home addresses, and security certificates.

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Compromised Credentials - The Potential Damage

Using compromised credentials, an attacker can pretend to be someone else. Employing identity theft, the criminals can do anything from access personal information to hijack someone’s life, including their work and finances. Your digital properties can be defaced or destroyed. Malware can be installed on your compromised systems. Sensitive data can be exfiltrated from your systems and sold on the dark web.

How Dark Web Monitoring Can Help

The dark web, also called darknet, is an area of the internet that cannot be accessed without the use of special tools such as Tor and Onion. These anonymising and encryption systems allow people to remain incognito and access systems that may harbour criminal activities. It is in the dark web where criminals meet to plan cyber attacks. This is also where stolen credentials and compromised data is offered for sale.

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A dark web scan provides the opportunity to spot criminals who are aiming to compromise your organisation’s systems. This can also give you a heads-up if information of value to your business is being touted for sale. Carrying out these scans of the dark web isn’t easy, however. It requires specialised skill sets and technologies. Thankfully, there are managed services providers in London that can provide the monitoring you need.

Outsource the Uncertainty

With a competent IT service provider to do the dark web scan on your behalf, much of the uncertainty about whether or not your organisation has been attacked by cybercriminals is eliminated. Nothing is 100%, but with IT specialists operating on your behalf, your business security is vastly improved. Wem Technology can help you enjoy greater security. Get in touch with us to find out more.