Virtualization Guidance from Our Managed IT Services Team in London

Jumping into virtualization, which is becoming widespread in the business world, is a job for managed services firms in London. You'll be better off implementing virtual servers with the help of experienced technology experts. Here are some of the reasons why it's risky to handle virtualization without specialists to guide the way:

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Why Virtualization Is Popular

One of the reasons that virtualization is becoming a favoured solution by businesses throughout the world is because it helps to divide your network into segments. From a cybersecurity perspective, it limits access to confidential data and damage caused by breaches. It's also a quick and reliable solution for a backup server if you ever suffer from a power outage, hardware failure or security breach. Another major advantage is you can run multiple virtual servers on the same physical machine.

Your managed services provider in London can help you avoid the pitfalls of setting up virtual servers incorrectly. The main goal of virtualization from a business perspective is to achieve server space efficiency and interact seamlessly with cloud services such as SaaS. With virtualization, you can have an entire replica of your main server on a backup server without taking up twice the space.

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Limits of Virtual Protection

It's important to emphasise that virtualization is not a bulletproof solution to block out hackers. However, it can add a layer of protection in conjunction with several other layers, such as firewalls, antivirus software, and encryption. If you use passwords, you must ensure they are complex and not manufacturer defaults, which are tested out routinely by hackers in their quest to pursue careless companies that think cybersecurity is unnecessary.

Virtualization can't stop ransomware criminals who trick employees into clicking dangerous links through email phishing schemes. Another concern about virtualization is that it doesn't provide adequate traffic visibility.

Establishing a Strong Cybersecurity Plan

In order for virtualization to work as an effective security layer, you need to let your IT team assess your infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities, such as outdated unpatched software. They will also help you avoid typical virtualization mistakes, such as keeping a virtual machine (VM) offline too long then signing on again. Here are the key elements IT experts will manage:

  • Avoiding maxing out memory space
  • Monitoring configurations to detect suspicious changes
  • Routinely analysing the hypervisor for unauthorised access
  • Running tests on portals and APIs
  • Keeping sensitive data separate from less critical data

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A high-quality managed services team in London will help make virtualization safely work for your company. Contact us at Wem Technology to learn more about how virtualization must be managed correctly to ensure a safe and productive work environment.