How Virtualization and a Managed Service Provider in London Provide Disaster Recovery

The most reputable and reliable managed service provider (MSP) in London offers some type of disaster recovery plan or service. Many businesses need guidance to prepare for emergencies, and MSPs are the perfect mentors when it comes to business technology. Here are ways that virtualization and working with an MSP can ensure your company cannot be toppled overnight by a disaster:

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Modern Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery used to be far more complicated with extra steps and additional hardware until virtualization emerged as a more efficient alternative. Now, you don't need to be running a backup system all the time since virtualization allows you to stack several virtual servers on one physical server. It takes up less space than last century when you needed two separate sets of hardware for a primary and backup system.

Thanks to virtualization, you don't have to spend as much money on hardware or maintenance. Furthermore, virtualization simplifies disaster recovery by housing all servers in a compact centralised space where repair or switching servers is easy and can be done remotely. Ultimately, a virtual machine provides the same experience as a desktop and is just as user-friendly.

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Setting Up Server Virtualization

Your managed service provider in London can take care of setting up your virtual machine that will encompass all your workstations, applications and data storage. Virtual machines can be set up to be accessed through the internet so that they can be controlled from remote locations. Your MSP will be able to set up different virtual servers for different company departments or functions. This type of compartmentalisation adds a security layer, limiting access to attackers.

Virtualization is highly useful for a disaster recovery plan since it allows for a quick restoration with minimal downtime and doesn't use up much resources. Many cloud-based data centres now rely on virtualization to help cut down on space and energy costs. The cloud is a viable low-cost option for storage of non-critical data. Large data centres usually implement state-of-the-art security since the business is heavily based on reputation and they have to protect thousands of accounts.

If your organisation suffers from a natural disaster, cyberattack or hardware failure, you need to avoid panic by turning to a pre-established backup plan. This plan is often designed by IT professionals who have plenty of experience with virtual servers, which allow for much faster recovery time than the common methods a decade ago.

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A skilled managed service provider in London and virtualization can be the two components you need to protect your business from a disaster. Contact us at WEM Technology to learn more about data protection.