Why You Need Managed IT Support in London to Fight Cybercrime

In an ideal world, crime doesn't pay, but in the digital world, cybercrime does. The information hackers can obtain from successful attacks fetch a fair price in the underbelly of the internet, also known as the dark web. It's not a surprise that cybercrime generated at least $1.5 trillion in profits in 2018. This is the reason why many companies partner with managed IT support providers in London, to keep their company protected from all kinds of cyber threats.

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Cybercrime is a business – illegal, but still a business nonetheless, and a lucrative one at that. Like any business, it offers products and services for its target market. According to managed IT support experts in London, in spite of increasingly stringent security measures which companies put in place, you can expect cybercrime to continue thriving as long as its target market patronises the following commodities:

Authentication Credentials

Hackers collect usernames and passwords to gain unauthorised access to all kinds of systems. From personal email accounts to government intelligence sites, nothing is off-limits once the hackers have the login credentials they need. They can do anything like steal protected information, inject a virus, or hijack a system in exchange for a ransom.

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Financial Records

To enable fraudulent credit card charges and account withdrawals, hackers steal financial records and either use the data themselves or sell them to others, usually to the highest bidder. Yes, auctions happen even in the deep web, and they’re often anonymous. Once their information is sold, victims will have no way of knowing where their data has gone.

Personal Information

Identity theft isn’t possible without stolen PII. Hackers steal the whole deal (full name, birthday, social security number, home address, debit/credit card numbers) to allow someone else to take over another person’s identity.

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Company Data

Corporate espionage is alive and well. There will always be companies willing to pay money to get their hands on the internal data of their competitors. After all, there’s a lot to uncover in any industry, from scandalous information that can bring down a business to intellectual property that can be applied to one’s own use.

Given how lucrative cybercrime is, your company's approach to combat it should be proactive. Thus, you'll need the help of a reliable provider of managed IT support solutions in London, like us at Wem Technology. Part of our London managed services is dark web scanning for real-time threats and compromised credentials. To find out if we're the security partner your company needs, keep in touch.