Why You Need Mobile Device Management from a Managed IT Support Expert in London

Mobile computing devices have become ubiquitous in business and life in general. However, plenty of organisations do not have any type of mobile device management plan. This lack of preparation has the potential to backfire in a big way. Below, our managed IT support team in London details why mobile device management is essential for every business regardless of its size or years of operation.

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Enhanced Flexibility and Productivity

Mobile device management makes it that much easier for your team to collaborate and manage workflows. Wouldn't it be nice if your team could work from afar, be it in a cafe, hotel, or airport? A mobile device management plan created by our managed IT support team in London will empower your team to work form just about any location. Furthermore, employees will be able to use their mobile devices to collaborate with one another regardless of their location. The end result is a dramatic hike in productivity and flexibility.

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Improved Security

Mobile device management solutions enhance security by a considerable degree. London IT companies can customise a mobile device management solution for your unique business that ultimately makes your data that much more secure. The proper mobile strategy controls access to essential data, prevents unauthorised users from accessing your company's information and allows for the wiping of lost/stolen devices in a remote manner. The right mobile solutions will also ensure the devices have updated software patches that remedy the security flaws you and your managers are already aware of.

Reduce Hardware and Software Costs

The right mobile device management solution for your business will save your company a bundle of money across posterity. There is no sense in buying mobile devices and the accompanying software for your team when those employees can use their own. However, a reliance on employee devices will only prove effective if those devices are secured. An effective overarching mobile device management plan will safeguard those devices while simultaneously saving your company thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in hardware/software costs. Though there will always be a slight risk in letting employees use personal mobile computing devices for work, it pales in comparison to the aggregate cost of providing each employee with a company-purchased smartphone and/or laptop.

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We are Here to Help

If your enterprise does not yet have mobile device management, it is time to take action. At Wem Technology, our managed IT support team in London is at your service. We will review your organisation's unique needs and provide the mobile device management solutions optimal for your specific enterprise. Contact us to learn more.