Why You Should Use London IT Consulting to Secure Your Router

Your router and firewall are both essential to your company's productivity--- without them, you wouldn't be able to reliably connect to the internet. With recent threats to the security of routers and other network connectivity devices, it's important that you take the time to upgrade your system and ensure that these security issues don't interfere with your company's day-to-day success. Hiring London IT consulting professionals can help you assess and upgrade your router to prevent security problems.

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A recent discovery in the security field has shown that a huge number of connectivity devices are vulnerable to a specific malware program called 'VPNFilter'. It's believed to be perpetrated by Russian hackers and has already been found on hundreds of thousands of devices throughout the world. Devices from several different brands are vulnerable, and although residential grade products have been the main target, some business products could be subject to this problem as well.

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There are a variety of reasons this malware is troubling. It has the ability to block your connection to certain sites or just shut down your internet connection altogether. It also can collect secure information that is transmitted through these devices. This is particularly worrisome for businesses, which store and transmit secure data, both from employees and customers. If you are found with this malware on your device, it could cause security issues that could damage your business long-term.

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Securing Your Business

London IT consulting professionals can help you assess your router and firewalls to make sure they are secure enough to resist the malware. If you are not currently working with a professional IT company, now is the time to start. They can help you manage the security of your business, preventing problems that could result in large financial losses. They can also help you switch to the latest business-grade technology, which is not as vulnerable to this malware. Although it is a bit of an investment up front, it will provide great returns over time by keeping you safe.

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